Is It A Secret?

The game that will break the silence of founders or builders

be among the diamonds

Say 'No' To Stealth Mode

Are you building a product?Your product can be a newsletter, a SaaS, a marketplace, a job board, a youtube channel and a lot more.You have to build it in public. Stealth mode doesn't work.

serial builder

Arvid Kahl

He shares his journey of bootstrapping businesses/ projects/ startups and building in public.He also supports other founders or builders, or creators who build in public.

Serial builder

Sharath Kurunganty

He is the co-founder of . He has built 15 side projects in public. His expertise is in no-code, community-led growth and product.

serial builder

Karthik Puvvada

He is the 'Build in Public Guy' of Twitter. He is building in public a portfolio of no-code and content businesses to $1m. He is the director of Day One.

Bend your mind

Each and every level helps you learn something new

Break The Rules

Break the traditional rules to win the game, and to win in life.

Transform yourself

This game focuses on transforming you, not only in the game, but in real life as well.

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